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Product Manufacture & Sourcing
  • Asian-based product manufacturing for US firms and US distribution
  • Sales/distribution ( including managing the China approval process when required) of US products in China
  • Sales/Distribution of Chinese products in the US.
Business Start-Up

Our client focus is the individual patent holder, entrepreneur and/or small business owner. Many times it is either in the client’s best interest or the client’s preference (or both) to manufacture and sell patented product into the market including the full establishment and management of a new business — or the expansion of an existing one. ILG offers this service, and will gladly manage over 90% of the operations on behalf of a client at an attractive budget and capital cost. The staff at ILG have collectively started more than 35 companies and launched more than100 product lines. Some of the ILG support and competencies include:

  • Qualifying and managing product manufacturers and sourcing in China and the US.
  • Leading product design and finalizing product development
  • Creating and managing product packaging/brochures/logos, etc.
  • Establishing and managing traditional (commission-based) sales resources
  • Optimizing and developing websites
  • Establishing and leading internet-based sales and distribution channels
  • Consummating selective corporate partnering

Fund Raising

  • Whether for litigation or business launch, sometimes clients require additional capital or funding to realize the value of their innovations. If the clients qualify, ILG can introduce them to a variety of qualified groups for the consideration of bringing needed capital to clients, along with the opportunity for accomplishment of monetary realization.
Merger & Acquisition (M&A)

ILG has many small business clients and also regularly communicates with both the small business clients’ Industry in addition to finance and investor channels.   So in addition to conducting patent assignment campaigns, we also regularly handle M&A transactions especially in the IT and life science space.

IP Monetization
  • Patent Brokering (Patent Sales and Licensing)
    • Patents are complicated assets whose values depend upon a number of factors including the strength and breadth of the claims, whether the technology is in use today or there is a likelihood that it will be practiced in the future, and the size of the impacted market and related revenues. There are also several factors that can decrease the value of a patent including encumbrances such as licenses, similar prior art, or issues with the prosecution history. A thorough understanding of these factors from a business, legal, and technical perspective will ensure that we realize the maximum values of your assets.
  • ILG provides professional, patent brokerage services which effectively deal with:
    • The complexity of the patent sales process
    • The legal strength of the patent assets
    • Valuation of the assets
    • Encumbrances
    • The lack of understanding of the buying/licensing market
  • ILG’s broad experience and success-proven process enables us to:
    • Coordinate the mixture of business, technical, and legal skills to properly value the assets
    •  Utilize our network to reach the broadest set of potential buyers/licensees
    • Develop top shelf marketing collateral and competitive situations
    • Negotiate the closing of transactions at the highest possible value and manage the licensee obligations and on-going relationship between clients and licensors
  • Litigation Management
    • ILG can locate, qualify, and negotiate engagement, as well as and manage the client’s outside law firm to ensure that the case is handled properly and in a cost effective manner.
  • Connections with IP Brokers, IP Advisors and IP Financial Buyers
    • ILG frequently partners with top brokers and advisors in the IP space to serve the best interests of the Client. We will build the best team possible to increase the success probability and value of a deal. We also stay networked with the leading financial buyers, aggregators, litigation and finance firms, licensing agents, and other key players.