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small sample of case history and experience


Search Engine
Exclusive field of use, equity, running royalties, minimums, diligence, sublicensing, 1yr R&D contract.

Consumer Products

Children's Mouse & Keyboard
Sourced product from China, designed retail packaging, and launched internet and retail sales and  marketing campaign driving sales/profits.  The My Lil’ Mouse product line currently sells on thousands of websites.

website:  www.mylilmouse.com

Gaming Mouse
Sourced product from China, designed retail packaging, and launched internet and retail sales and marketing campaign driving sales/profits.  Our gaming mice currently sell on thousands of websites.

website:  www.mibru.com

Fence Hanger for Plants
Sourced product from China, designed retail packaging and launched internet and retail sales and marketing campaign driving sales/profits.  This product currently sells online and in brick and mortar retailers throughout the Midwest and east coast.
Furniture Accessories
Launched internet and retail sales campaign, and rebuilt product and packaging, to drive sales and meet consumer demand.

Biotech and Pharmaceuticals

Oncology Vaccines
Drug Discovery
Collaboration to validate platform for start-up company. Research fees and shared IP rights with Roche®.
Non-exclusive license for vaccine technology. Upfront fees, milestones, royalties, and IP rights.
Anti-aging Therapeutics
License and joint development with P&G ® for dermatology applications. Research fees and royalties. Applications limited. Shared IP.
Protein Therapeutics
Research collaboration to validate platform for start-up company. Research fees and shared IP rights.
Planning/Leading of translational biology, pharmacology, and toxicology functions in support and advancement of medical work.
Pharma Research Partnership
Created and led new RA research program, set disease control strategies in metabolic and muscular skeletal disease at large pharmaceutical company.

Medical Device/Supplies/Equipment

IV Disposable Container
Sourced Product from China, designed retail packaging and launched internet and retail sales marketing campaign driving sales/profits.

Chemistry/Polymers/Material Sciences

Combinatorial Chemistry
Discovery collaboration with Exxon® advanced materials. Combi-Chem platform to discover new class of advanced materials. Over $30M project. Upfront, milestones, license royalties on the materials. Non-exclusive on use of platform in addition to residual royalties from future inventions from platform use.
Advanced Materials
Formed global partnership to develop, manufacture, distribute and license advanced materials. Shared research, IP and promotion. Mitsui to build manufacturing plant and obtain Japanese market revenue only.
Printed Circuit Board
Joint development and license program using advanced materials to replace epoxy PCB’s. research fees, shared IP. Ciba to manufacture and distribute. Royalties. Project over $8M.
Monomers, Engineered Polymers, Fabricated Parts
Licensed technology and formed 50/50 JV with Ciba® to launch new business in Europe as extension of US business. Upfront payment, fully budgeted operation to develop applications and customers. Royalties and IP rights in remainder of world. Project over $10M.
Advance Materials Platform for Engineered Plastics, Circuit Boards, Flat Screens
Licensed technology and formed JV to share research, IP and promotion rights. Nippon Zeon® (NZ) to have Japanese market. NZ conducts research solely until tech validated (risk lowered). NZ to provide monomer for US and Europe. NZ pays minimum and variable royalty. Shared promotion.
Flat Panel Displays, Advanced Materials
Joint development with 3M® for development of flat panel display application using advanced materials. Research fees, royalties and IP rights. Secured NIST grant of $12M in partnership.
Engineered Polymers / Advanced Materials
Three-way joint development to develop high performance polymer materials product. BASF® to manufacture and shared distribution rights. Research fees and royalties.

Clean Energy

Alternative Fuel Research (Methanol)
Secured NIST grant of $8M in partnership. Joint development program. Research fees and royalties. Shared IP.
Fuel Cell Reformers
Partnership to design and produce fuel cells. NIST application for $8M. Research fees, IP rights, and shared income. McDermott® to build manufacturing facility. Joint research.
Catalytic Gas Turbine
Business development on first gas turbine commercialized with catalytic combustor.
SCR Catalyst Regeneration
Due diligence, negotiation and acquisition of company holding unique regeneration technology.

Green Technologies

Biochemical Treatment of Waste
Exclusive field of use, Up-front payment, running royalties, minimums, sub-licensing, IP costs, diligence.
Electronic Article Surveillance
Non-exclusive, Up-front payment, running royalties, minimums, diligence, supply
Biochemically Enhanced Oil Treatment
Exclusive field of use, up-front payment, running royalties, minimums, IP costs, diligence, sublicensing, 1yr tech transfer contract.


CRM Application
Multi-year contract with GM US to provide marketing, pricing, logistical analysis and projections. Designed customized disparate database, established secure ISP connections and supported both ongoing and consulting work for client.
Collaborative research informatics deal. Designed product for Lilly® with residual ownership (commercial IP rights) for Industry distribution after 12 months. Research fees and promotion support.
Collaborative research informatics deal. Designed product for Amgen® with residual ownership for Industry distribution after 12 months. Research fees and promotion support. (Both Lilly® and Amgen® products launched new business into pharmaceutical channel)
Bioinformatics / Cheminformatics
Designed strategy and co-founded company within corporate parent incorporated firm, raised money, built staff, located merger partner, negotiated spin-out from parent and merged with partner. Merged new combined operations and reorganized staff, modified strategy, trained staff, restructured balance sheet and ownership, and launched new business with revenue in first year.


Flat Panel Display
Exclusive field of use, equity, up-front payment, running royalties, minimums, diligence, sublicensing, 2 yr R&D contract.
Advanced Materials for Circuit Boards
Joint research with IBM® and Georgia Tech. Obtained NIST grant ($12 M) to develop advanced materials for electronic applications.

Company Start-up, Fundraising, M&A

Medical Device Company
Out-licensed technology from University of California; co-founded company with four partners. Applied for SBIR funding and launched clinical trials.
Combinatorial Chemistry
Initiated and designed strategy for new company. Formed 50/50 joint venture with biotech firm. Incorporated new stand-alone company. Launched new company into combinatorial chemistry business within 7 months.
Wireless and Noise Reduction
Completed business plan, investor presentation, organized road show and helped raise $5 million for high-tech company.
Drug Discovery Company
Revamped corporate strategy, business plan and investor presentation for Nuada Pharmaceuticals. Secured additional funding from existing investor group.
Informatics and Data Mining Company
Spun out business unit, acquired competing firm, and secured equity and debt financing from parent company.
Advanced Materials Company
Started up advanced materials business. Grew 25 patents and 5 people to 80 people and $25 million in revenue within 6 years. Established global business using Japanese Nippon Zeon® and French TOTAL® joint venture partners.
Semiconductor Company
CEO, Founder, launched company and took public.
Venture Capital/Investment Banking
Invested in over 20 firms in both life science and hi-tech, achieving a 30% return overall.

Purchasing, Outsourcing, Labor Agreements

Negotiated and managed over 25 major raw material and other key purchasing agreements ranging in value from $2M to over $20M.
Negotiated and managed a large number of single and multi-year agreements for manufacturing, supply, distribution, consulting, market research, press and public relations, and legal and financial services.
Labor contracts
Negotiated two labor agreements for four of company’s manufacturing operations

Government and Academia

Negotiated license rights for Human Embryonic Stem Cell lines. Required approval of four parties including NIH and University of Wisconsin. Also extended research agreement for specific applications of stem cells
U of Wisconsin
Negotiated new agreement for stem cell rights. Had to rebuild poor relationships and trust issues.
Academic Research Agreements
Negotiated over 30 agreements to conduct research in exchange for payments and IP rights with universities in US and a few in Europe.
Led teams to apply and present for grant and joint funding from NIST and NIH. Presented five times (over $50M), getting awards four times including a $26 M award, second largest in history of NIST. Also managed three of these.